Initial Contact Wizard (ICW)

The ICW is a streamlined guide for contacting new contacts. When you receive a new contact, the Contact Summary view displays a notification.

When a contact signs up on your site the system sends a welcome message to the contact with login information so that the contact can return to the site and view their saved information. It is up to the agent to make first contact after a contact signs up. ICW is a user friendly resource for helping you make that first contact with your new contact.

Why Use ICW

Successful contact-agent relationships are based on rapid responses to contact needs. When a contact signs up for an account on your system, they probably have questions. Market Leader recommends that you respond to new contacts within 12 hours to answer those questions. ICW not only helps you meet contact needs by answering questions but also sends an automatic email, in your name, if you are unable to send it yourself.

What ICW Provides

  • Step by step instructions about how to make an initial contact phone call
  • Pre-written emails tailored to the contacts needs
  • A backup system in case you are not able to contact your new contact within 12 hours

How ICW Works

ICW correlates contact actions on your site and creates a custom message for you to use when making first contact. It gives you a tested and proven edge that increases the probability that the contact returns to your site. For example, if the contact has not set up listing alerts, the ICW message encourages them to create a listing alert. The message also includes listing suggestions based on their searches and information on your site.

How to Use ICW

This procedure assumes that you are logged into the Market Leader Agent Dashboard of the Admin interface. When a new contact signs up on your site, the Agent Dashboard displays their name in the New contactslist.

  1. Click the name of a New contact.

    The system displays the Contact Summary view. The view includes a notification that provides an ICW link.
  2. Peruse the Summary, Listings, and History tabs to learn about listings the contact viewed, their Timeframe and other responses.
  3. After reviewing the Contact Summary, click the Open the ICW link.
  4. Click the link to the ICW and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If the contact provided a phone number, ICW displays call scripts and suggested next steps. Market Leader recommends you contact them by phone. Phoning is the fastest and most direct way to make contact.
  5. If they do not answer the phone, choose an appropriate followup step.

    If they did not provide a phone number, ICW displays a form email. Usually, you do not have to edit the message, but verify its accuracy and helpfulness based on what you know about the contact from perusing the summary. You can add or remove listings and make minor text edits to match contact requirements. Based on experience, top performing agents recheck every message and send them as soon as they can.
  6. To send the email, click the Send button.

(warning) If you do not use the ICW within 12 hours of the contact Created date and time, Market Leader sends the message automatically.

(lightbulb) Market Leader recommends that you contact at least 90% of your contacts within 12 hours. Market Leader calculates your response time across all your new contacts and reports it in Performance Evaluator.

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