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Help! I Previously Used the Follow-Up Wizard for Tasks. What Should I Do?

While the Follow-up Wizard is no longer available, the functionality it offered still exists in our products. If you were in the habit of using the Follow-up Wizard for the automated Tasks you’ll want to start using Campaigns for this functionality going forward. 

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to start by following the instructions here which will walk you through the first steps in setting up a new campaign with tasks. In many cases, you’ll want to choose ‘Interval Campaign’ during these first steps if this campaign will be used for new leads.

Once you get through the first set of instructions, you’ll start building your campaign. 

You will configure and add each individual task that you would like to complete in this campaign. These steps are detailed for you below:

  1. Click ‘Add Step’ button

  2. Select ‘To-Do’ from the drop-down menu & ‘Add Step’

    1. From the drop-down menu, Select Meeting, Phone call, or Task

    2. Under Schedule, enter the number of days after the contact is added to this campaign that you would like this step to trigger

    3. Next, under Notes, enter the specific task that you’d like yourself to complete such as call new lead, send matching listings, set up time to view homes, etc.

    4. Repeat adding steps until you’ve completed adding all necessary steps to your campaign

REMINDER: While you can certainly set up a campaign that only uses tasks, you can also intermix tasks, automated emails, & even direct mail (snail-mail) into one powerful campaign. Feel free to add steps with automated emails or direct mail while you’re adding tasks!

Once you’ve completed adding all the steps you would like to add need, you are ready to add contacts to this campaign.

3.  On In section 23, ‘Add or Remove Contacts’, Click ‘View/Manage’ next to Contacts as so you can add contacts one-at-a-time or add groups to this campaign.

 4. Search for each contact by name to add them to the campaign or click ‘Groups’ at the top and add Groups then select ‘Save Changes’.

 5. Next, go to section 4 to ‘Review and Activate’. Your first option is to choose to add your contacts to another campaign once this campaign is completed or add them to none. Then, make sure to read and check off the first checkbox about not adding contacts who have not-opted in to receive emails, the campaign will not activate without this being selected.

 Then at the bottom, click ‘Activate Campaign’.

 6. As you have new leads/contacts that need to be added to this campaign, simply edit the campaign and add the new contacts as necessary. Adding new contacts will not restart the campaign for the contacts already on it. Make sure you Review and Activate the campaign after each time you add new contacts.