Market Leader provides you with a Webmail interface for managing all non-contact email messages. By contrast, Market Leader system routes all contact email messages to the Admin interface to enable integration with its many customer relation management features.

(warning) You might find email from a contact in Webmail, but only when that contact emails you from an email address you have not yet stored in the Contact Summary. Note to self: capture that address.

To Open Webmail

  1. Log into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click Webmail.

    The system opens a new browser window or tab with the Webmail interface.

To Change Name and Address Options

  1. Use the previous procedure to open Webmail.
  2. In the Options pane, click Change Settings.
  3. To display your name on the From line of all messages, enter a name in the Full Name field.
  4. In the Signature text area, enter a signature.

    Consider something like the following.

  5. To save changes, click the Submit button.

To Attach Files to Webmail

  1. In the Webmail interface, click Compose.
  2. Use the email form to compose the message.
  3. At the end of the form, click the Choose File button.

    A system File Open dialog box opens.
  4. Use the dialog box to find a file.
  5. Click the Open button to dismiss the dialog.

    The Webmail interface displays the file name in the Attach area. To attach more files, click the Choose File button again.

    (warning) You are not finished, yet!
  6. To attach the file(s), click the Add button.

    Ahhh! Now, you are finished attaching files.


To close Webmail

Click the Return to Main Pageicon (  ).

Notes and Tips

Webmail limits attachment file size to 8MB.

Normally Market Leader recommends you email contacts using the Market Leader Admin interface. However, to send a message with an attachment, you must use Webmail because you cannot send attachments from the Admin interface.

To see contact email in Webmail, click on the ShownInCRM folder.

Check Webmail everyday and respond quickly to all emails. When you receive a Webmail from a contact, and it is not in the ShownInCRM folder, that means the From address is not yet associated with the contact. To fix that, copy and paste the From email address into the Contact Summary, so that Market Leader can automatically associate future emails from that address with the contact.