Waiting Messages

The Waiting Messages view shows all messages, to agents in your brokerage, that have not been filed. To keep this list manageable, encourage agents to file all messages when they respond, so the list only shows messages that require a response. The Waiting Messages list is functionally equivalent to viewing all of your agents My Inbox Messages lists with the Not Filed filter selected. The Waiting Messages list has the same information as the Messages list but replaces the Date column with Waiting column which shows how long a message has been in the queue and adds a column to show the Agent to whom a message was sent.

To verify whether a message has been replied to, you can view all messages to and from a contact in the Contact Email pane of the Contact Summary view.

For more information on functionality of the Waiting Messages list, see Messages.

If Agents Are Unable to Respond to Messages

If you know that an agent is temporarily unable to respond to messages, you can respond on the agent's behalf. The From address and signature on the message belong to the agent, so consider that when drafting a response. If an agent is not be available for an extended time or has left the brokerage, you can assign a different agent to the contact.

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