View Transactions and Manage Prepaid Accounts

From a Campaigns view, you can access transaction information and manage prepaid accounts. A Campaigns view provides the following buttons.

To view, print, or email a receipt for any transactions, click View Transactions.
To manage a prepaid account, click Manage Prepaid Account. A prepaid campaign account begins with a $25.00 balance, which the billing system charges to your primary Payment Method the first time you order a print piece. The billing system deducts from your account each time you order a print piece. When you deplete a prepaid account balance, the billing system replenishes it by charging another $25.00. This continues for the life of a campaign. You can create multiple payment methods and update credit card information. You can view the balance of your account at any time.

For more information on setting a Primary payment method, see Billing and Shipping.