Unsubscribe Contact

A contact can unsubscribe from listing alerts or all system emails on the My Tools page of the consumer website. A contact can also choose to re-subscribe in that same location.

If a contact unsubscribes from listing alerts, they no longer receive listing alert emails. If a contact unsubscribes from system emails, they no longer receive the following.

  • Listing alerts
  • Listing alert sign-up reminders
  • Email a Listing messages you might send to a group of contacts

The contact is still able to view listings and send email to you, and you can manually send emails to the contact. If a contact verbally or electronically requests to not receive system emails, then you must fulfill the request. As an agent you have the ability to stop system emails.

To Stop System Emails

  1. Access the contact summary.
  2. In Primary Details, Email Subscriptions, click Stop System Emails

    The system no longer sends the following.
    • Listing Alerts
    • Listing Alert Sign-up reminders
    • Email a Listing group emails

The following graphic shows how the notification appears at the top of the Contact Summary view after you select the Stop System Emails option.

(warning) This action stops Automatic Emails and deletes any existing listing alerts.

(warning) You always have the option to restart system emails. As long as the contact has not unsubscribed via the My Tools section of the website, they begin receiving emails again from the system.

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