Text management tools

Saving Prewritten Text

To save any text created in the editor for use on other pieces in your account, select the text box you wish to save and click on the Save As Article button in the Articles / Text Management Tools section of the editing toolbar.

You'll be asked to give your text a file name for future reference. After you've entered a name, click Save. Your text can now be inserted on any other marketing piece you create in the editor.

Add Saved Text

To add a pre-written article or saved text section to your marketing piece, simply click on the Text Box where you want to add the saved paragraph or article or Add a Text Box 1 to your marketing piece. Then click on the Load Article button in the Articles / Text Management Tools section of the editing tool bar.

Find your saved text from the My Articles folder in the list of available articles and click on it. Show an image with the My Articles folder

You can change the article text and resave the modified paragraph(s) into your library for future use by selecting the Save as Article button.