Setting Up a Test User for Testing

Many agents set themselves up as a test contact to better understand what the experience is like for a contact who registers on their website. With a test contact, you can view listings, look at the consumer website from a contact point of view, and send emails to yourself like you send to contacts. With an understanding of how the website works for a test contact, you are able to provide better assistance to contacts when they contact you.

To Set Up a Test Contact

  1. If you are currently signed into your Market Leader Admin account, you must first sign out of the Admin panel.

    In the upper-right corner, click the logout link.

  2. Go to the consumer website by entering your Market Leader domain name (e.g. in the browser navigation bar.

    To create a test contact, you need to register as a user on the consumer website.

  3. To register as a user, click Create an Account, or alternatively, click My Tools to access a registration form.
  4. Complete the registration process as if you were a contact.

    Do not use your Market Leader system email address as the Email address. Use any contact name and any non-Market Leader, valid email address that you can quickly identify as a test account.

  5. On the Find a Home tab, conduct a search.
  6. In the search results, click a listing.
  7. On the listing detail page, using the Nearby Listing panel, click a nearby listing.

    The search and the nearby listing actions give the system some sample information for the Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) and for you to work with when viewing the test contact from the Admin panel.