Summary Fields

This topic describes the fields included in a Contact Summary. A contact summary divides the fields into the following categories.

A contact summary includes a contact name and a subtitle that characterizes the contact activity on your website. A subtitle includes what a contact is looking for, including location, average price, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The rest of this topic describes the fields in a Contact Summary as they are grouped in the view.

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Secondary Details

The Secondary Details panel enables you to save information about a significant other to a contact and other family members of a contact.

Information and Activity

The Information and Activity panel contains information provided by a contact or generated by the Market Leader system including the following.


This indicates how the contact entered the system. For example, the contact might sign up on your website after following a link from Craigslist or you might use the import process to add the contact to your account.


On a registration form, contacts indicate how soon they are looking to buy: "Now," "1-3 months," "3-6 months," "6+months," or "Just looking."

Moving From

This is where the contact is from, not necessarily where the contact is looking for property. This comes from information provided on a registration form.

Looking In

This is where the contact is looking for property. The system calculates this based on the contact searching behavior.

Listing Addresses?

This option is only available in some areas, based on your MLS. Depending on the Listing Address configuration on your website, this contact may or may not be able to see listing addresses. You can override your website setting for a specific contact by editing the Summary.


This is the date the contact signed up on your website (or the day you added the contact to your account).

Last Action

This is the most recent date and time the contact visited your site.

Has Agent?

New contacts can indicate whether they are already working with a real estate agent, and the response appears here.
(lightbulb) We recommend responding to contacts even if they signal that they are already working with an agent. The contact may be unhappy with the service their agent is providing and you could have the opportunity to help. Contact the contact and simply ask about the situation.

Has Mortgage Lender?

If your brokerage or team has a lender as part of the Market Leader account, this indicates whether the contact is working with your lender or not.

Requested Pre-approval?

If a contact requests a mortgage pre-approval when they sign up, you see it here.

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