Stay Connected

Stay connected to your contacts. One of the biggest mistakes agents make is taking too long to respond to incoming email messages.

An agent who checks the system every couple of days takes a couple of days or more to respond to messages from potential customers. People who make the effort to contact you are very good contacts, so it is essential to respond to them promptly.

Contacts often become active after they sign up to view listings, see a home they were interested in, and contact you about it. If they do not get a quick response, they may seek answers elsewhere or lose interest altogether. If you take a day or two to respond to messages, you jeopardize your chances of turning your contacts into real customers. The sooner you respond to contact needs, the more likely they are to turn to you for assistance in the future.

Ways to stay connected

Put your cell phone number on the website so that customers can easily contact you.
Set up Alerts so that you will immediately receive a notification on your cell phone or at an external email address when you get new activity from your contacts or a new contact.

Check your email regularly by logging into the system a few times a day. The New messages list on the dashboard shows all new email messages from contacts.

After you answer an email message, click the File Message icon (  ) to mark in the system that you are processing your incoming email. When you file a message, it is removed from the New messages list. You can still access the filed email from the contact details page. Filing old messages helps reduce the clutter so you can focus on new messages.