In the Market Leader system, a contact has a status value that enables you to manage and view them in groups. A contact has one of the following status values.

  • New
  • Retry
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Hot
  • Sold
  • Trash

The first time you open the Contacts view, the contact list shows New contacts by default. If you change the status type in the view, the system remembers the last type you viewed the next time you view the contacts list.

You can change the status of a contact as often as you want. Keeping the contact status up to date helps you focus on the contacts who need your attention and who are most likely to become clients. Good use of status helps you save time and prioritize your tasks.

The following procedures assume that you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface, and you opened the Contacts view by clicking Contacts in the navigation list.

To View Contacts of one Status

  1. Click the Status list filter.
  2. In the Status option list, select a status.

To Change the Status of a Contact

  1. If necessary, scroll and use display controls to find a contact.
  2. In the row of the chosen contact, click the change contact status drop-down list.
  3. In the option list, select a new status type.


  • When you change a contact status and the Status list filter is any value other than All, the contact disappears from the list when you change the status.
  • With the exception of Trash, changing contact status does not delete, unsubscribe, or change the contact information in any way.