Site Images

The Site Images view enables you to change the Site Banner and Agency Logo images of the consumer website.

(warning) After updating an image, to view the change on the consumer website, you might have to clear your browser cache.

To Change Site Images

This procedure assumes you are already logged into the Market Leader Admin user interface.

  1. In the navigation list, click Admin.
  2. On the Website tab, click Site Images.

    The view presents a form for adding the images. If no images have been uploaded, the form displays a box with a No Existing Logo or No Existing Banner message and an Add button for each box. If you already uploaded a graphic, the form displays a thumbnail of the image and an Edit button.

  3. In the Review and Edit Your Website Images form, click the Add (or Edit) button corresponding to the image you want to upload.

    The system displays a pop-up form where you can either upload your own image file or choose images from a catalog.

  4. Depending on whether you want to upload your own or choose from the catalog, use one of the following procedures.
    • Upload your own
      1. Click Browse.
      2. In the Open dialog, select your graphic file.
      3. Click Open.


    • Choose from the catalog
      • Logos
        1. Use the drop-down list to select an agency.
        2. Click Search.
        3. Click the logo you want to use.

          The system displays the selected logo under Current Logo.

        4. Click Save.
      • Banners
        1. Enter a keyword or location term in the search box, to narrow the choices.
        2. Click Search.
        3. Click the banner image you want.
        4. Click Save