Site Activity

The Site Activity view provides you with tools to analyze the visitor and contact traffic on your consumer website. You can see the number of contacts you have received by source for up to 12 months and detailed source information—such as how many people are coming to your site because of syndication or personal marketing campaigns for up to 180 days.

The Site Activity view is a reporting tool. The reports use preset queries for which you can vary the time period of the query. It includes the following reports.

  • New Contact Count

    Shows a bar graph of traffic counts with data grouped by sources Market Leader, Advertising, and Personal Marketing.

  • Visitor & Contact Sources

    Shows details of URLs from where Visitors and Contacts come. It shows Visitors and Contacts referrer URLs grouped by Market Leader and Personal Marketing. You can expand each group to view more detailed grouping of the data.

  • Search Links

    Shows Visitors and Contacts referrer URLs filtered by domain name. Instead of grouping the results, this report shows the source type (e.g. SEO or syndication) as a separate column.

The following sections explain the groupings in the New Contact Count graph.

Market Leader

The Market Leader category shows the count of contacts resulting from listing syndication, natural search, and email. It includes the following sources.

  • Listing Syndication
  • Craigslist
  • Search Widget
  • Search Engine Optimization (We know the source URL, but these URLs don't fall into other categories.)
  • Market Leader Campaigns & Emails (listings, listing alerts, welcome email, campaign, etc.)
  • Referrals (Contacts received from other agents who used the "transfer" link)


The Advertising category shows the count of contacts resulting from paid traffic that Market Leader provides. It includes the following sources.

  • Google

*This is a requirement of being a Certified Google Reseller.

  • Other Ad Campaigns (All Market Leader advertising except Google)

Personal Marketing

The Personal Marketing category shows the count of contacts resulting from brokerage's personal marketing activities plus a count of contacts entered or imported by agents. It includes the following sources.

  • Offline Marketing (We do not have URL from which visitor/contact came to Market Leader. E.g., business card, flyer, or any other source we can't track.)
  • Online Marketing (Blogs, links, domain forwarding, etc.) *for source to be reported accurately, the ref tag (?ts=leader) must be used. (e.g. )
  • Entered / Imported