Select a Marketing Piece

To select a marketing piece, click on Marketing Materials. Here, you are able to select what type of marketing material you'd like to use. You can find all pieces in the Marketing Materials Library in one or more sections of the Marketing Materials treeHere, you can sort through the entire catalog of pieces available to you. Click on any link in the tree to starting seeing marketing materials. Clicking on sub-sections of that link will further refine the pieces you see.

You have the ability to Search for marketing materials based on keywords or Sort the Marketing Materials Tree at any time. Most sections in the Marketing Materials Tree have more pieces available then can be displayed on a single page. To see all of the pieces available, click on the Page buttons: Previous,Next or Numbered Pages. You can also choose to see more or fewer marketing pieces displayed per page by selecting a quantity from the Show per Page Drop down menu.

NOTE: Selecting more pieces displayed per page can sometimes slow down the loading time for new pages in the Marketing Materials Tree.