Search for Marketing Materials

Find the marketing material template you're looking for quickly and easily by using the Search Option in the Marketing Materials selector. Instead of looking through the complete library by navigating the Marketing Materials Tree, just useSearch. Enter any word or phrase into the Search Bar and either hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon.

Here are some quick search tips:

  1. Default search
    By default, search will match on ANY of the words entered. Therefore a search for property marketing flyers will match on "property" or "marketing" or "flyers." To match on an exact phrase, use double quotes around your phrase.
  2. Exact phrase
    Words enclosed with double quotes ("") will search for those words in that exact order. So "property marketing flyers"will only return results if an exact match for that entire phrase is found.
  3. Multiple phrases
    You may join groups of search words with AND, which will match for each of the phrases entered. So "Spanish flyer" AND "holiday theme" will only return results if both of those phrases are found.