Search Widget

The Search Widget view enables you to copy a script block to another website that provides the other website with an MLS Search Widget connected to your Market Leader domain. When users search on the other website, using the widget, they are driven to your Market Leader consumer website for results. The Search Widget tool provides the following widget styles from which you can choose.


Width x Height (pixels)


250 x 250


468 x 60


728 x 90

This procedure assumes you are already logged into the Market Leader Admin user interface.

  1. In the navigation list, click Admin.
  2. On the Website tab, click Search Widget.

    The Search Widget view presents each widget style choice with a sample image and a read-only text box that contains search widget code.

  3. Select the entire contents of a search widget text box.

    The selection should look like the following. Do not copy this example, because it does not use your domain name, nor does it include a valid choice, and it will not work. Only copy search widget code from your Market Leader Admin interface.
  4. Copy the selection to your computer clipboard.
  5. Paste the code into an email or text message to send to the maintainer of the other site, or paste it into the source code of the destination web page yourself.