Reply to Email Message

When you click the Email Contact icon (  ) in any message list, the system renders the Reply to Email Message form. This form includes a HTML WYSIWYG editor to support custom formatting of the messages you send. To reply to a contact email, use the following procedure.

The following procedure assumes you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface and have the Reply to Email Message form open.

To Reply to an Email Message

  1. In the Subject field, make any necessary changes.

    By default, the system populates the subject field and no changes are required, but you can override the suggested subject. (minus) Do not leave it blank. Subject is required.
  2. On the To line, check one or more contact email addresses to receive the message.
  3. In the salutation drop-down list, choose an appropriate greeting.
  4. Optionally, in the message template drop-down list, select a message template.

    If you select a template, the system pastes it into the message text area.
  5. Optionally, click the checkbox to Include original message.

    If checked, the system pastes the original text at the end of the text in the text area.
  6. In the message text area, make any changes required.

    (warning) Some templates have placeholders for pasting a link. Be sure to replace any placeholders or edit the message appropriately to not include the intended replacement.
  7. Optionally, click the radio button to say yes to file this message upon sending.

    This is usually a good idea. You can always find the message in the Contact Summary.
  8. After proof reading the form, click the Send button.

    The system returns you to the previous view and posts an information alert (info) telling you, "Your email was successfully sent." If you opted to file the message, the system also posts, "Message filed successfully."