A reminder is a text note with a due date. A reminder can optionally have a contact assigned to it. The Reminders view enables you to view, edit, mark complete, and delete reminders in a list. Either you or the system can create a reminder. Market Leader reminders include the following types. You can filter the list by reminder type, date range, and status. The system remembers the filter settings from your last session. You can also sort the list by Due Date.

  • User
  • System
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

System reminders appear automatically, for example when a contact saves a listing, and are displayed for three days or until you mark it Complete. The system removes incomplete items over three days old from the list. Birthday and anniversary reminders display from 45 days before due until 90 days past due. The following table lists system events that trigger reminders and a suggested action to take for each reminder.


Suggested Action

A contact provides a phone number when signing up.

Call if you have not contacted the contact already.

A contact signs up for a Listing Alert.

Review the listing alert to see if you think the search criteria are realistic. If not, email the contact to explain why the search criteria may not be successful and offer to update the listing alert.

A contact saves a listing.

Contact the contact to see if you can provide additional information about the saved listing.

Another agent transfers a contact to you.

Call or email the contact if you have not already.

Contact birthday or anniversary data is inserted or updated in the Contact Summary.

Optionally, send an appropriate message.

(warning)You cannot edit or delete System reminders. The Edit (  ) and Delete (  ) icons are disabled. You can toggle birthday and anniversary status (i.e. complete or incomplete).

User reminders are ones that you create, and they do not expire. They are visible until you complete or delete them. You can remove a reminder from the list by clicking the Completeicon (  ) or delete it by clicking the Delete icon (  ) . Any reminders associated with a contact appear in the contact summary.

The following procedures assume you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface.

To Add a Reminder

  1. In the navigation list, click Inbox.
  2. In the Inbox view, click Reminders
  3. On the Reminders tab, click the Add a Reminder button.
    The tool displays an Add a Reminder form.
  4. On the form, enter a Due Date. (Required)
    A reminder appears on the Dashboard Upcoming Reminders list three days before a due date.
  5. Optionally, choose a contact with which to associate the reminder.
    The system suggests a name as you type.
  6. Optionally, choose one of the following types.
    • Phone Call
    • Meeting
    • Important Date
    • To-do
    • Note 
  7. Enter the Reminder text. (Required)
  8. Click Save.

To Edit a Reminder

  1. In the navigation list, click Reminders.
  2. In the Reminders list, click the Edit icon (  ) for a User reminder.
    The system opens an Edit Reminder form.
  3. Edit any of the fields on the form.
  4. Click Save.