Post to Website or Blog

For a 5-minute tutorial on how to post a marketing piece to a website or social network, watch the following video.

Post to Website or Social Network

To add a button or link to a marketing piece on your website, blog or social networking site, click on the thumbnail image of the piece. This will open the Template Action Window.

If you are required to edit the marketing piece, you must create and save a version of the marketing piece before posting it online.

Click on the Post to Website button. This will open the Web Post Tool.

You have the option to choose from three different ways to display the link to your marketing piece.

  1. Button
    Choose the button style to display a pre-designed graphic button that your website visitors will see and click to view your marketing piece. You can change the look of the button by clicking on the Button style link.
  2. Text Link
    Choose the text link style to display a link in your own words. You also have the option of changing the color of the text to white or black.
  3. Plain Link
    Choose the plain link style if you do not want to generate additional HTML for your website posting. This option is preferable if you are posting to places like Facebook and Twitter or if you want to build your own HTML code for the posting.

After you have selected your preferred link appearance, click on the Generate Campaign Web Post button.

After the web post code is generated, hit Ctrl-C or right-click on the selected code to copy. You can then paste the code directly to your website or blog. If you are not familiar with HTML, have your web developer add the code for you.