Performance Evaluator

The Performance Evaluator view provides a visual tool to monitor various metrics of your Market Leader system. The view is organized into the following sections.

Performance Summary

Marketing Activity

Database Value

Distribution of Contacts by Source

Performance Summary

When viewing this summary, you can hover your pointer over text and images to see a brief description. The following table describes the Performance Summary pane.

ContactsNumber agent's contacts in the database.  For certain Market Leader subscriptions, this excludes vendors, recruits, agent contact types, and contacts whose status is set to Trash.
Contacts on Campaigns

Percentage of contacts that are on marketing campaigns.

This number includes all contact types.

Contacts on Listing Alerts

Percentage of contacts that receive listing alerts.

At least 15% of contacts should be receiving listing alerts. Listing alerts keep contacts coming back to a website, which dramatically increases the probability that a contact will close a sale with an agent.

Follow-up rating

Percentage of contacts who received at least one phone call or email.

You should have contacted at least 90% of your contacts within 12 hours. We assume you call all contacts who provide phone numbers. The follow-up rating is the percentage of contacts without phone numbers who you contacted within 12 hours. To increase this number, use the Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) as soon as you get a new contact.

Unsubscribed (campaigns)Percentage of contacts that are unsubscribed from campaign emails.
Unsubscribed (alerts)

Percentage of contacts that are unsubscribed from listing alerts.

Unsubscribed contacts no longer want to be contacted because they are no longer interested in receiving information, or because you have overwhelmed them with too many emails.

Marketing Activity

Hover over colors in each column to view totals by category, direct mail, listing alerts, or marketing email.

Listing AlertsNumber of sent emails.
Marketing emailsNumber of sent emails that count against the monthly limit.
Direct MailNumber of pieces of snail mail.

Database Value

The database value shows the sum of property values by contact status for your contacts. Depending on availability, the value used is one of the following.

  • Contact's "Looking for" Adjusted Value
  • Your Address Zip Code Median Sale Price
  • Your Country's National Median Sale Price

Distribution of Contacts by Source

Hover over a column to see the percentage contribution of a given category to the total.

Campaigns/Emails and Lead Insert API are combined into a single category, Market Leader.