Page Controls

Switching pages with the Pages List

Under the Main Toolbar is the Pages list. The page you are currently viewing is highlighted. Click on any of the other pages and that page will be loaded. If there is more than 1 page, you will see arrows on the right and left of the Pages list. Use these arrows to scroll through the pages.

Adding a Page

If it is possible to add pages to this piece, you will click the Add Page button to the right of the pages list. To add a page, click Add Page. You will be presented with a window showing thumbnails of the pages you can choose from to add. Select one of these pages and it will be added to the end of your piece.

Removing a Page

You can remove pages that you have added. If you add a page, you will see an X next to the page name in the pages list. Click this X to remove the page. Removing a page is permanent; there is no way to undo this action.

Using the Jump to Menu

If you piece has more than 1 page, the Jump menu will show up. The jump to menu allows you to jump directly to the page you want without having to scroll through the pages list to select it. Some pieces have more than 10 pages, making the Jump To Menu a much quicker way to switch pages.