Order Professional Printing

The following video demonstrates how to order professional printing for a marketing piece.

Order Professional Printing

To place a print order, click on the thumbnail image of the piece you wish to purchase. This opens the Template Action Window.

If you are required to edit the marketing piece, you must create and save a version of the marketing piece before ordering print.

Click on the Print button and select Order Print this opens the Print Cart Window.

From the Print Cart Window you can choose to Checkout, Keep Shopping, Add a Mailing List, or Review the PDF.

To continue with your Print Order, select the Checkout button.

To work with other marketing materials and return to your Print Order later, select the Keep Shopping button. The Print Cart Window closes and Marketing Materials view opens. You can access your Print Cart at any time by clicking on the Print Cart link at the top of the Marketing Materials section of your account.

To add a Mailing List to your marketing piece so that it can be sent directly to your contacts, select the Add Mailing List link.

To review the full-bleed version of your marketing piece, select the Open PDF File link.

Printed colors which run all the way to the edge of a sheet are referred to as bleeds. The printer cuts the marketing material you have selected very near the black hash marks shown in the corners of the PDF that you have downloaded. Please ensure at this time of the review process that no desired text or images extend beyond these black hash marks.

Open PDF file generates a downloadable PDF of the marketing piece. When your piece is ready, click Download PDF to download your file.

If you have trouble opening the document, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information on required software versions, refer to System Requirements - Marketing.

You must review the PDF of your print marketing piece in the Print Checkout Cart while placing your final order to ensure there are no errors before submission.

To remove any marketing piece from your Print Cart, select the Remove from cart link or click on the Clear Cart button.

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