My Inbox

The My Inbox view contains tools for managing Messages and Reminders related to contacts. In the My Inbox section of the navigation list, you can use the Webmail link to access the Webmail interface and manage email from non-contacts.

Email Etiquette

The real-estate industry has been labeled as notorious spammers. In order to reduce the chances of your email getting sent to the junk mail box, Market Leader provides standardized email templates that are much more likely to get your message to your contacts. Market Leader provides a WYSIWYG editor for composing and replying-to messages in HTML format. Because some HTML content might trigger spam email filters, Market Leader recommends that you use this feature wisely. If you need to send an attachment, you must use Webmail. If a contact does not see your message in their in-box, advise the contact to check their junk mail box.