The Messages view lists all of the messages that you receive from contacts. You can select one of two modes for viewing the messages, Not filed or Last 25 filed. To view all messages from a contact, you can view the Contact Summary.

The following procedures assume you are logged into the Market Leader Admin panel.

To access Messages

In the navigation list, click Messages.

To View a Message

  1. On the Messagestab, select one of the following modes from the drop-down list.
    • Not filed
    • Last 25 filed
  2. If necessary, scroll to locate a Message.
  3. Click the subject of the Message, not the Contact name.

To Reply to a Message

In the Actions column of the Message list, click the Email Contacticon (  )

To File a Message

You can remove a message from the New message list on the Dashboard by filing it. If you work in a team environment, filing helps your manager or team leader know that you handled it.

  1. On the Messages tab, select the Not filed mode from the drop-down list.
  2. Locate a Message to file.
  3. In the Actions column of the Message row, click the File Message icon (  ). 

    Depending on your message volume, the filed message appears in the Last 25 filed list for a time. You can always view a filed message through the contact summary.

To Transfer a Contact

You can even transfer a contact to another agent or ZIP code from the Messages view.

  1. On the Messages tab, select a mode from the drop-down list.
  2. Locate a Contact to transfer.
  3. In the Actions column of the Contact row, click the Transfer Contact icon (  ). 

    The system displays the Transfer Contact form.
  4. In the form, enter either a ZIP code or an agent email address.

    For ZIP code, Market Leader assigns the contact to an agent in its system who includes the ZIP code in their Communities Served.
  5. Click the Transfer button.

    The system returns you to My Inbox.