Listing Search Areas

The Listing Search Areas view enables you to specify areas that your website visitors can search according to the following criteria.

  • Neighborhoods
  • Zips
  • Nearby Cities

These specifications only affect the consumer website. They do not affect the searchable areas within your Market Leader system, where you can search all areas that your MLS covers.

(warning) If you are a  Business Suite  customer, ask your broker or site administrator to edit these options.

To Specify Searchable Areas

This procedure assumes you are already logged into the Market Leader Admin user interface.

  1. In the navigation list, click Admin.
  2. On the Website tab, click Listing Search Areas.

    The view provides the following radio button options.
    • Allow visitors to search all areas---visitors can use your website to search any area that your MLS covers.
    • Select the areas visitors can search---visitors are limited by your search area criteria.
  3. To limit searchable areas, click Select the areas visitors can search.

    The view displays a list of the currently searchable areas.
  4. To add a searchable area, click the Add Search Area button.

    The Add Search Area dialog box presents tabs for Neighborhoods, Zips, and Nearby Cities.
  5. Click a tab and check off any areas that you want to be searchable.

    You can expand the number of areas you see in these lists with radius options at the top.
  6. When you are finished selecting areas, Click the Add button.

    The dialog box closes and you are returned to the Choose Your Listing Areas screen.
  7. To remove an area that you've added, click the Delete icon (  ) next to the Area you want to delete.

    If the Delete icon is gray, that area cannot be removed because it is one of the areas where your site is advertised. For example, if you advertise as a site that provides Seattle listings, you cannot remove Seattle as a searchable area.

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