Get Organized

Use contact status to get organized and focus on the best contacts. The system offers a variety of contact status options to allow you to categorize your contacts so you can identify and focus on your most active contacts. Below are some suggested steps on how to use & update contact status.

Organize your contacts by doing the following

  • Make sure to communicate with new contacts quickly. After you contact a new contact, change the status to Retry or Active.
  • Make sure that all contacts marked Active are responding to your messages or calls, are visiting the site, or are viewing listings. If they are not, then change the status to Retry or Inactive*.
  • Review the Recent Activity page (Fig. 1) to see all contacts who have returned to your website in the last 48 hours. Change the status for each contact in this list to either Active or Retry. Mark as Active any contacts you communicate with directly who appear to be viable contacts. Set the status of everyone who does not respond to you within two weeks as Retry.
  • Periodically review your contacts with the status of Retry to see all contacts who have not responded to you recently. Review when each contact last visited your site. Attempt to reach out via phone or email to those who visited your site in the last two weeks. Try to engage them about any listings they have viewed or saved. If contacts are not on Listing Alerts, ask if they want to be. If any contact has not visited your site for two weeks, set the status for that contact as Inactive.

The following graphic shows the link to open the Recent Activity page (click to enlarge).