Find Saved Pieces

You can find all saved marketing pieces in your account under the My Saved Pieces tab of the Marketing Materials viewIn My Saved Pieces, you can sort through all the pieces you created and saved in your account. Click on any link in the My Saved Pieces to display thumbnail images of your saved pieces. If you have not saved any pieces in a category, no thumbnail images display for that category. If you want to work in a category for which you have no saved pieces, switch to Marketing Materials.

If you have a large number of saved pieces in your account, your saved pieces may appear on multiple pages. To see all of the pieces available, click on the Page buttons: Previous,Next or Numbered Pages. You can also choose to see more or fewer marketing pieces displayed per page by selecting a quantity from the Show Per Page Drop down menu.

All marketing materials saved in your account can alternatively be reviewed in your File Manager. To access saved marketing piecesclick on the File Manager button on the left hand side of your account below My Profile. Then click on the My Marketing Materials button.