Export Contacts

When you want to use contact data in another format (e.g. in a spreadsheet), you can use the following procedure to export contact data to a CSV file.

(warning) If you have a large number of contacts, you might want to export each status type separately.

To Export Contacts

  1. Log into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click Contacts.

    The following graphic shows the Import/Export link in the Contacts view.

  3. In the action links, click Import/Export.
  4. Click the Export Contacts tab.
  5. In the Contact Status drop down list, select the appropriate status type.
  6. Click Export.
  7. When the browser prompts you, depending on what you want to do, either save or open the .CSV file.

Example CSV Export Data Layout

The following is an example of exported CSV data. You can open a CSV file with a text editor or spreadsheet application. The CSV export includes a row for the data headings.