The Market Leader system sends several types of email to contacts on your behalf. They include the following.

  • Welcome email
  • Listing alert campaign message
  • Initial contact email
  • Listing alert

You can review and update some of the text that the system sends to contacts. You can also add or edit message templates and change your default email signature.

Welcome Email

The system sends a welcome email to contacts when they sign up on your website. It contains login information and instructions on how to return to the site. You can view the full text sent to a contact in the Emails Sent to Contact section of the Contact Summary. The welcome email contains critical login information. To ensure that it avoids most spam blockers, Market Leader provides carefully crafted default text for the welcome email, which you can edit using your Admin Email tool.

(warning) If a contact email account does not accept this message, the system assumes that the contact provided an invalid email address and does not allow the contact to sign into your website. If the contact provides a new email account, the system sends a new welcome email and both welcome emails show up in the Emails Sent to Contact section of the Contact Details section.

Admin Email Tools

When you are viewing the Admin tools with the Email tab selected, you see the following links. Each link in the user interface has a corresponding page in this section.

(warning) The following list corresponds to the  Business Suite  product. If you purchased a different product or you are not site owner, your view might be different.

The following graphic shows the Admin tools view with the Email tab selected. Your view might differ depending on which product you purchased.