Editor Panes

The editor view defines the following panes that enclose display and functionality features.

Template Pane

The Template Pane is the frame that shows the actual marketing presentation template. Once you have selected a slide to edit, wait until it is fully loaded on the screen. Then move your mouse on top of the portion of the slide that you wish to edit and click on it. This brings up an Image box, a text box and a description box in the Edit Element Pane to the right or a Text Editor box, depending on which portion of the slide you are editing.

Edit Element Pane

When you highlight and click an element in the template pane the edit element pane changes and give you the tools necessary to edit the element. If you select a text element in your slide you is presented with a text editor so you can change the text. This portion of text is seen on the slide show presentation. If you select an image element you are presented with your library of saved images to choose from as well as the opportunity to upload a new image to your library for use. In templates with a PhotoBox/Thumbnail feature, when you select an image you will also be presented with a "Caption" and "Description" field. This text will appear under the image in the PhotoBox/Thumbnail section. These fields will only be seen in the PhotoBox/Thumbnail feature. When you change the photo you will see it appear in the PhotoBox/Thumbnail section and when you click "Done" you will notice it also added in to your slide in the position you selected. Remember to click on the Done button at the bottom of the Edit Element Pane each time you make changes to a slide. You must do this in order to activate the Edit Action Buttons at the top of the screen.

Photo Box/Thumbnail

The Photo Box/Thumbnail feature is only available in some templates. This is a feature that allows a consumer to navigate all the images you add to your presentation without the animation. You simply click a thumbnail and a large version of the image appears along with a caption and description. When changing an image in a slide you will see the Photo Box/Thumbnail section appear in the template. Once you select an image and type a caption and description you will see them appear in the Photo Box/Thumbnail section. When you click the "Done" button the Photo Box/Thumbnail section will go away and you will see that the image you selected is now in the slide as well. Remember the text you insert into the "Caption" and "Description" fields will only appear in the Photo Box/Thumbnail section of your presentation and not in the slide. Some slides require more than one image field to be populated. There is an image in the Photo box/Thumbnail for every image. If you use the same photo in multiple image fields, that photo will appear in the Photo box/Thumbnail multiple times as well.