Edit Existing Campaigns

When you click on the name of a campaign in "My Campaigns", you will notice there are different options for you to select from.


To PAUSE an active Campaign, simply click Pause in the drop down menu. Once Paused, the Campaign will display as Paused. To UNPAUSE, simply click Unpause from the drop down menu.

Manage Delivery Options

To change delivery options in a campaign, simply click Manage Delivery Options. Here you are able to change the Delivery Format (Whether you want your contact to receive a marketing piece via direct mail or email), and view the Price (the cost to print and mail this piece per contact and change the Schedule (This is the number of days after a contact is added that this element is scheduled for delivery or the date the element is scheduled for delivery). Emails are sent out on the exact day and print pieces are targeted to be delivered as close to the exact day as possible. You are also able to change the Subject for scheduled Emails and Activities by typing desired text in the space provided. If you'd like to Change All pieces to Direct Mail OR Change all pieces to Email, click on the corresponding button at the top.

You can change the order in which the pieces go out by typing in the desired number to the left of the title of the piece. When you're done typing in the number, click Update Delivery Order for it to appear correctly on your screen. You can also change the delivery order by simply clicking the UP or DOWN arrow until your piece is in its desired location.

When finished making changes, click the Save Delivery Options button.

Add/Remove Contacts

To Add or Remove Contacts from a Campaign, simply click on the Add/Remove Contacts button. This will populate the contact manager and you can make desired changes.


To RENAME a Campaign, simply click on the name of the Campaign, select Rename Campaign, type the desired name in the space provided and click Rename Campaign.


To DUPLICATE a Campaign, simply click on Duplicate Campaign.
NOTE: Don't forget to add contacts to activate campaign.


To DELETE a Campaign, simply click on the Campaign name and select Delete Campaign. A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete this campaign. Click OK.