Edit Action Buttons

Use the edit controls located at the top of the screen to add and remove slides in your presentation. These are the Edit Action Buttons. (NOTE: Edit Action buttons do not function if you are in the process of editing an element in your marketing presentation. If you receive a message that the function is disabled while you are editing, click on the DONE button at the bottom of your editing box and try again.)


The "Preview" button launchs a preview of the slide show presentation. This shows you exactly what your e-mail recipient sees when they click the "Take Virtual Tour" link in your email or view your web post.


Save enables you to save changes as you work. If you are saving your work for the first time, the editor prompts you to name your presentation. Once you save your presentation, subsequent saves overwrite the previously saved presentation with the new version. Make sure you save often!

If you save your presentation without editing all of the slides in it, you receive a warning that you saved unedited slides and you should complete editing them with your own materials before you send the presentation out.

Save As

Save As enables you to save an existing presentation under a new title. Your existing presentation still exists under its original title and the new presentation exists with the changes you made prior to selecting Save As.

Before you save your marketing presentation, preview and check I have previewed the presentation. If you attempt to save the presentation without checking this, you receive a reminder to preview your work and then check the box.

Current Slide

The current slide indicator tells you where you are in your presentation. It lists a slide number following the total number of slides in the presentation or it indicates that you are currently on the summary slide. The summary slide does not count as a slide in the presentation.


As you navigate through the Marketing In Motion editor, clicking Summary brings you back to a summary slide. When the presentation is completed, the summary slide is the final slide at the end of a presentation. This slide is meant to be used as a closing to a presentation where you summarize the content of your presentation. The images and data you use here appear in an email that is sent to your recipient(s).

The images on a summary slide do not appear in a photo box or thumbnail pane.

Previous and Next either take you back to a previous slide or advance you to the next slide. You can continue to click on either button to advance all the way through the presentation to the beginning or the end.


Add and Remove enable you to compose a presentation by adding and removing slides. When you add a slide to a presentation, the editor adds the slide to the end of the presentation. When you remove a slide from a presentation, the editor removes the last slide. Slide additions and removals occur sequentially from the end of the presentation. It is a good idea to preplan the sequence in which you want slides to appear before adding images and text.



When you click the music button you can select specific music for a presentation. The frame at the right of the screen brings up a sound file tree from which to select sound choices. Sounds are filed within categories based on music themes. Once you select the music of your choice, a pop-up window asks if you want to set the sound. When you click Yes, you can preview the presentation with the sound. You cannot preview the presentation with the sound unless you set the sound. You may change and re-set the sound as many times as you want before you finally save a piece.