Contact Listings - Lender

The contact Listingsview enables you to track listings that a contact has viewed or saved. The lists are sorted by date. The system grays out listings (  ) that are no longer on the market. For more information on Listings, see Contact ListingsMarket Leader provides access to this page so you can have insight into what type of properties interest a contact and how serious a contact is.

View Listings

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click Contacts.
  3. In Contacts view, click a contact name.

    The system opens a Contact Summary.
  4. In Summary view, click Listings.

    The system displays Saved and Viewed listings.
  5. To see details of a listing, click an MLS#.

(lightbulb) Viewed and Saved listings tell you about contact interests and enable you to better help a contact. Internet contacts often hide behind anonymity, but the listing information helps you gauge their interests and market to them. The Viewed and Saved listings can help you judge how seriously a contact is looking for a home. Are the searches constrained and consistent or random and illogical?