Contact Email

Contact email is any email correspondence between you and one of your contacts as compared with email between you and someone who is a colleague or Webmail. The system saves copies of messages received from or sent to contacts so you can view the entire history of email between you and a contact in the Contact Summary. You can send a message to or reply to a message from a contact anywhere you see the Email Contacticon (  ).

New Messages from Contacts

When a contact emails you, the message first appears on the Dashboard in the New messages and at the top of the My Inbox Messages view. The system automatically recognizes when an incoming message is from a contact. When you file the message, the system stores it permanently in the Contact Summary.

(lightbulb) The New messages list shows email messages that require attention. After you attend to these emails, remember to file them.

The following procedures assume you are logged into Market Leader Admin interface.

To File Message

Use one of the following options.

  • In any message list, click the File Message icon (  ) associated with the message.
  • In the Reply to Email Message form, Click yes on the option to file this message upon sending.

To See All Contact Messages

  1. Click a contact name in any list of contacts.

    This opens the Contact Summary.
  2. If necessary, scroll to view the Emails bar.
  3. Click anywhere on the Emails bar to open the Emails view.

    The system displays two lists, Emails From Contact and Emails Sent to Contact.

To Send Contact Email

Because timely communication is central to your success, the system provides many locations from which to send email to contacts. To send contact email, use one of the following methods.

Any email message that you send to a contact from the site automatically contains your contact information by appending your Email Signature to the message.

Sending and Replying to Email

On both the Compose Message and Reply to Email Message views, a Select a message dropdown (Fig. 3) contains templates with pre-written text that you can use. Some messages are provided for you, and you can add messages that you want to save for future use.

Figure 3 Message template dropdown

(warning) Clicking the title of a message template will not send the message. It only loads the selected text into the typing area. You can edit the text before sending the message.