Call Center

First Call is a call center service provided by Market Leader , where Market Leader calls all new contacts, that provide a phone number, within 20 minutes of the contact signing up. The call center asks the contact a series of questions and enters comments for the agent about the contact. If your brokerage uses First Call, there is a Call Center tab in the Team Tools view. The Call Center view shows the 20 most recent comments created by call center staff. All comments made by call center staff are saved in the Comments section of the Contact Summary.

Contacts with a First Call immediate callback icon (  ) next to their names have requested an agent follow up with them immediately.

Call Center Actions

From the Call Center view, you can send email to a contact or transfer a contact to a different agent. To perform the following actions, make sure you are logged into the Market Leader Admininterface.

  1. To respond to a contact, click Email Contact (  ).
  2. To assign a contact to a different agent, click Transfer Contact (  ).

(lightbulb)Agents should call or email contacts with stars (  ) as soon as possible.

Changing an Agent First Call Preference

You can choose which agents participate in the First Call rotation. To change an agent First Call preference, you edit the agent profile. For more information on editing an agent profile, see My Account.