Built-in Status Type - Lender

The Market Leader system includes the following built-in status types for use by lenders. You can change a contact status as often as you want. Keeping the contact status up to date helps you focus on contacts who need attention and who are more likely to become clients. Good use of status helps save time and prioritize tasks.




All contacts that you have not yet contacted. After you have attempted to contact a contact, change the status to Retry or Active depending on the response.


Any contacts that you need to proactively contact and monitor.


These contacts are engaging with you but may not be ready to buy right now. This list generally includes people who are contacting you with questions by email.


Contacts who haven't contacted you recently.

(lightbulb) In the Recent Site Activity view, you can see if any of the Inactive contacts come back to the site. If they do, change their status to Retry.


Contacts who are working with you for a pre-approval.


Contacts you have determined are qualified for lending.


Contacts you have determined are unqualified for lending.


Customers who have closed on their home.


Contacts who have asked to stop receiving email, unsubscribed themselves, or have no valid email address. Use this status very rarely or not at all.