Built-in Status Type - Agent

The following table shows the status types, for use by agents, that are built into Market Leader . For information on how to define a custom status type, see Custom Status Type - Agent.




Contacts who just registered and that you have not responded to yet.


Contacts you are trying to engage but have yet to respond to your emails or phone calls.


Contacts who are engaging with you and your site but may not be ready to buy right now. This list generally includes people who are contacting you with questions by email as well as long-term contacts who are receiving listing alerts and therefore do not need to be proactively contacted at present.


Contacts who are not responsive or not interested.


Contacts who are working with you to buy a home


Customers who have completed the sale or purchase of their home


Contacts who ask to stop receiving email, unsubscribed themselves, or have no valid phone number or email address. Use this status very rarely or not at all. A contact marked as Trash will be automatically removed from automatic emails and listing alerts.

(lightbulb) Do not put contacts into trash because they stopped coming to the website, provided a fake name, or said they already have an agent. It is a very common mistake to mark all old contacts as Trash. When an agent does this, contacts that are set up for listing alerts, for example, will have their alerts deleted. This may cause you to miss out on a transaction when the contact starts actively looking for homes a few weeks or months later.