Setting up a Basic Campaign

To set up a Basic Campaign, click on the Basic button. You can either Choose a Pre-Built Campaign or a Build Your Own Campaign. If you select Build Your Own Campaign, it takes you to the advanced editing options.

Choose Campaign

To create a Pre-Built Campaign, click on the topic of choice (left) you'd like to send. In this example, we used Newsletters :: Contacting Newsletters. This particular type of campaign is an Interval Campaign. An Interval Campaign contains elements (materials, saved pieces and activities) with a specified number of days between delivery dates for each element. This campaign is best suited for non-date specific messaging. If you add a contact to this campaign type, they always start at the beginning of the campaign.

Next, we have the option of selecting an Email Campaign, MultiChannel Campaign, or Direct Mail Campaign. An Email Campaign is when your campaign contains marketing pieces that can only be emailed and may have some Activities (i.e. Phone calls). A MultiChannel Campaign is a mixture of emails, direct mail pieces and may include some activities. A Direct Mail Campaign consists of only Direct Mail pieces and may have some activities.
Depending on the campaign template, you have different versions of this campaign to choose from. The price for each version varies between the ranges given. The actual price depends on how many contacts you add to a campaign that receive direct mail pieces. The more contacts you add the lower the cost per contact.
In this example, we selected a MultiChannel Campaign by checking the radio button to the right of the MultiChannel button (as shown above). In the MultiChannel box, it states that this campaign includes 3 Emails, 3 Direct Mail pieces and 2 Activities.

The cost for direct mail pieces varies depending on the number of contacts you add to the campaign Click Next Step to move on.

Add/Remove Contacts

To create and activate a Campaign, you must add contacts. The contacts in your Contact Manager populate. You can add contacts individually, by Group(s) OR by Interests.
To ADD contacts individually, you can search their last name by typing it in the space provided or click on the letter of their last name on the left. Next, check the radio box to the left of their name(s) and click Add Selected Contacts to the Campaign. You can also add contacts to the Campaign by Group(s). First, click on the Groups tab, select the Group(s) by checking the box to the left of the Group(s) name and then click the Add Selected Contacts to the Campaign button. You can also add contacts by Interests. First, click on the Interests tab, select the Interest(s) by checking the box to the left of the Interest(s) name and then click Add Selected Contacts to the Campaign button.

The contacts you select go through a verification process before being added to the campaign.
NOTE: Print pieces require contacts to have a valid mailing address, email pieces require contacts to have a valid email address and Birthday/Purchase anniversary campaigns require contacts to have a valid birthday or purchase anniversary. Also, our tool recognizes if someone is already in a campaign and does not allow you to add them to the campaign again.

Once you review and approve the verification process (as shown below), click the Add Contacts to Campaign button. Don't forget to check the radio button where it says, "I have previewed all elements of this campaign and approve them to be sent to the selected contacts" and be sure to preview your entire campaign.

You should now see the contacts you added to the Campaign in the box on the right (Contacts in Your Campaign).
NOTE: The pricing in this example of $3.33 per contact is for one contact to receive every marketing piece during the length of the campaign. This campaign had 3 direct mail pieces and 3 emails. The emails are free to deliver, while the direct mail pieces have associated printing and postage costs. This pricing is intended to give you an idea of the cost of running the campaign from start to finish for each contact.

To REMOVE contacts from a Campaign, simply check the radio button to the left of their name(s) OR click the Select All Contacts button and click Remove Selected Contacts from Campaign.
To PAUSE a contact in the Campaign, simply click on the Active button to the right of their name. The Active button changes to Paused. In the below example Elisa Maines and Tom Brown are now Paused.

To finish, click the Save Campaign. Once you save your Campaign, the tool redirects you to Campaigns. You should see your Active Campaign displayed in "My Campaigns".

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