Setting up an Advanced Campaign

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To set up an Advanced Campaign, click on the Advanced button. You are able to Choose a Pre-Built Campaign or a Build Your Own Campaign. Let's select Choose a Pre-Built Campaign.

Choose a Campaign

In this example, we select Contacting :: Rent vs. Buy. Under the type of campaign, each campaign informs you of the target audience. As you can see in the below example, this campaign is targeted to First Time Home Buyers.

Next, select the version of the Campaign you'd like to start. (i.e. Email, MultiChannel or Direct Mail). In this example, we selected MultiChannel.

Add/Remove Elements

You have the ability to Edit/Remove any campaign elements to the Rent vs. Buy Pre-Built Campaign. All the pieces scheduled to go out in this campaign are in the box (as shown below). The first piece "Tax Benefits" is a Direct Mail piece (as noted next to the title of the piece).

If you'd like to edit, preview or remove this piece from the campaign, click on the name of the piece OR click on the arrow to the left of the name. The below box will display. If you'd like to edit this piece, click on Edit Piece and the EZ Editor will display allowing you to edit and save this piece. To preview this piece, click on Preview Piece. The first preview that populates is the Email preview. Since this piece is a Direct Mail piece, we'll want to preview the Print Preview by clicking on Print Preview button. To Remove the Tax Benefits piece from this campaign, simply click on the Remove button. When you are satisfied with your campaign elements, click on Next Step.

Delivery Options

In this step, you are able to change the following:

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Type
  • Order in which the pieces are delivered
  • Delivery Options (i.e. MultiChannel, Direct only, Email only)
  • Date in which pieces are scheduled to go out
  • Delete elements
  • Edit the Subject line to Email pieces / Activities
    When you're satisfied with the delivery options, click Next Step.

Add/Remove Contacts

Follow the same steps for Add/Remove Contacts as Basic Campaign (described in the Basic Campaign above).

To finish, SAVE your Campaign by clicking the Save Campaign button.