Build Your Own Campaign

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Choose Campaign

To set up a Build Your Own Campaign, click the advanced button. As you will notice, this campaign is completely blank. It's ready for you to click Next Step and start adding marketing materials and activities to it!

Add/Remove Elements

Add desired marketing pieces by clicking on their name and click Add to Campaign. You are able to add Activities by clicking on the Activities tab, then click on the type of activity you'd like to schedule and complete required information.

NOTE: Marketing pieces must be prebuilt or created & saved ahead of time; otherwise if you click on the piece, the EZ Editor will open for you to create/edit & save the piece.

NOTE: To view all of your saved marketing materials, click on Saved Pieces.

In this example, we used Pre-Built Newsletters :: Home Insurance. There's no limit to the number of pieces / activities you can add to a campaign. When finished adding desired pieces & Activities, click Next Step.

Delivery Options

In this step, you are able to edit the following:

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Type
  • Order in which the pieces are delivered
  • Delivery Options (i.e. MultiChannel, Direct only, Email only)
  • Date in which pieces are scheduled to go out
  • Ability to Delete elements
  • Edit the Subject line to Email pieces / Activities
    When you're satisfied with the delivery options, click Next Step.
    Step FOUR: Add/Remove Contacts. Follow the same steps for Add/Remove Contacts as Basic Campaign. To finish, SAVE your Campaign by clicking this should be Save and Activate if there are contacts added.