Broker Dashboard

The broker Dashboard gathers key information about yourMarket Leader  system activity, so you can quickly identify Waiting Contacts, Waiting Messages, Agent Activity, and more. When you log into the Market Leader Admin interface, the Dashboard displays an overview of activity for your brokerage. You can use it as an entry point to many parts of the site. The following graphic shows the broker Dashboard view (click to enlarge).

(lightbulb) You can click on highlighted text in lists to access more information about the item. You can click on icons in the lists to perform a given action. By hovering your mouse pointer over the icon, you can get a hint for the action.

Waiting Contacts

See all contacts with a status of New. If the list is long, make sure that your agents are quickly following up with contacts and changing the status.

Waiting Messages

See all the messages that have not been filed. Contacts are waiting for answers to some messages, but some just need to be filed. Make sure your agents are filing messages after they respond.

Agent Activity

See when your agents last logged in to the system

Contacts-Last 30 Days

Quickly view a chart of the number of contacts, grouped by source, who have registered on your website in the last 30 days.

New Contacts

Quickly check a textual display of the total number of new contacts your brokerage has received in the last 30 days.

Recent Contacts Online

See a list of the contacts that have most recently visited your website. For a full list of contacts who have visited your site in the last 48 hours, click the list heading, Recent Contacts Online.

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