Agents View Description

The Agents view provides a quick view of agent performance. The following graphic shows the Agents view. To enlarge the image, click the thumbnail.

Agents Tab Information

The following table contains descriptions of the fields in the agent list.




The system includes five types of status for agents: active, inactive, deactivated, disabled, and vacation. For an agent to receive new contacts, his or her status must be active. You, as broker or team leader, set active or inactive status when you decide whether to put an agent in rotation for new contacts. The system triggers deactivated status whenever an agent fails to login within 24 hours of receiving a new lead. If this happens the agent does not receive any more leads until they log in again. The system also triggers the disabled status if an agent is deactivated more than 4 times in a 30 day period. This removes the agent from lead rotation permanently, unless you (i.e. broker or team leader) manually adds an agent back into the rotation. An agent sets their status as Available or On Vacation by selecting an option from a select list in the header bar of Market Leader page.

(info) The system sends an agent a notification alert on the 4th deactivation in 30 days. The system sends a broker a notification alert if an agent account becomes disabled.


The number of months that the agent has been on the system.

Last Activity

The last time the agent was active on the system.

<Current Month> Contacts

The total number of contacts the agent received this month.

Total Contacts

The total number of contacts currently assigned to the agent.

Follow-up Rating

The percentage of time the agent manually uses the Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) within 12 hours of receiving a lead. For more information, under the agent's name, click Stats.


The number of times that the system deactivated the agent for failure to log in within 24 hours of receiving a new contact.

Min Sales

The minimum number of sales to maintain expectations.

Total Sales

The total number of sales that an agent has completed.

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