Agent Dashboard

The Dashboard gathers key information about your contacts in one place so you can quickly identify New contacts, New messages, and Upcoming Reminders. The following graphic shows the Dashboard view (click to enlarge).

(lightbulb) You can click on highlighted text in lists to access more information about the item. You can click on icons in the lists to perform a given action. By hovering your mouse pointer over the icon, you can get a hint for the action.

New Contacts

The New contacts component shows you all contacts with a status of New. Make sure that you are quickly following up with contacts and changing their status. With this component, you can initiate the following actions.

New Messages

The New messages component shows you all the messages that have not been filed. Contacts are waiting for answers to some messages, but other messages might only require filing. After you respond to a message, make sure you file the message. With this component, you can initiate the following actions.

Upcoming Reminders

The Upcoming Reminders component shows you reminders for key tasks that require your attention. With this component, you can initiate the following actions.

Performance and Site Activity

The Dashboard view right sidebar includes the following items.



Performance widget

A graph that shows contact activity by advertising source type.

New Contacts total

Enables you to quickly check the number of new contacts you received in the last 30 days.

Recent Contacts Online widget

Shows a snapshot of the contacts that most recently visited your website. Each name in the list is a link to the Summary for that contact.

Website stats widget

Provides the following statistics for a consumer website.

  • Page Views = Rolling 7 day total
  • Unique Visitors = Rolling 7 day total
  • Bounce Rate = Lifetime average as %
  • Return Rate = Lifetime average as %

Website Analyics link

Provides a link to Website Analytics.