Admin - Lender

Market Leader provides Admin tools to manage the following information for a lender in the system.

  • Profile Details
  • Alerts
  • Email Signature
  • Welcome Email

A lender account includes only a small subset of the functionality that an agent account includes. For the most part, you use lender Admin features the same as described previously for agents and brokers. For more information, see Admin. There, you can find descriptions for these features with the following exceptions.

Profile Details

When viewing the Settings topic, keep in mind the following differences.

  • The lender Profile Details view includes a field for Company Name. The lender Company Name appears on the Finance page of the consumer website as a financing entity associated with the broker, as in "Financing by ABC Lending," where ABC Lending is the company name.
  • The lender Profile Details view includes a field for Application Link. This link represents an online portal for a contact to advance the pre-approval process (e.g. an online application form). The Welcome Email includes this link.

Welcome Email

The Admin Email view provides a Welcome Email feature which enables you to compose a custom message that the system sends automatically to contacts, when they request a pre-approval. Furthermore, the Welcome Email includes the Application Link that you configure in Profile Details. Welcome Email is unique to lender accounts. Agent and Broker accounts include multiple customizable email templates. For more information, see Message Templates.

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