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Craigslist is visited by millions every day, and it's crucial for every agent who wants to attract online buyers and sellers. We'll show you how to use Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and other sites to grow your business now.

Class Notes

Top Classified Ad Sites

    • Craigslist.org
    • Ebayclassifieds.com (You are probably familiar with Kijiji—eBay classifieds IS Kijiji—just updated and renamed as of a couple years ago.  Kijiji is the #1 classifieds site in Canada)
    • Olx.com
    • Recycler.com
    • Hoobly.com
    • Adoos.com

Craigslist Recap:

    • #1 Classifieds site is Craigslist (15 billion page views monthly!)
    • “New” Craigslist rules: Focus on 1 property only
    • 3 ways to be awesome:
      1. Post in 3 sections: “For Sale”; “Gigs” (as an Event); “Services”
      2. Event posts can contain live links
      3. Use Craigslist to get on Google

Craigslist Posting:

    • Before you post:
      1. Create an account
      2. Have sample ad headlines handy
      3. Open your Market Leader Craigslist Posting Tool
    • Posting tips :
      1. Include contact info in top screen
      2. Change the 2 “offending sentences”
        • “Learn more about this property and see more photos by visiting our site. “
        • “Simply copy and paste the link below into your address bar”
      3. Bait Link: Think of other blogs, websites, etc. you could use the "bait link"
    • FAQ's:
      1. Ads are active for 7*-45 days
      2. Can renew a post after 48 hours (to bring to top)
      3. Can repost after expires
      4. Links are not clickable

eBay Classifieds

    • Before you post:
      1. Create an account
      2. Consider linking to your Facebook account to display your profile photo
    • Posting tips:
      1. Use catchy and creative ad headlines
      2. CAN use the description from your ML posting tool, but you must edit it to remove the HTML
      3. Use high-quality photos
    • FAQ’s:
      1. Ads are active for 60 days and not eligible to be reposted until right before it expires.
      2. Can post up to 25 unique ads/day (different homes)
      3. Links are not “clickable”
      4. No HTML allowed

What makes a good ad headline?

    • Tip #1: Don’t look desperate:  “GOING FAST FAST FAST!!!!”
    • Tip #2: Do appeal to your target buyer: “A Master Chef kitchen…”
    • Tip #3:  Appeal to vanity: “Have a [yard ] you can be proud of…”
    • Tip #4: Imply existing consensus: “Who else wants…”
    • Tip #5: Have your cake and eat it too: “Now you can retreat to Napa every night with this home built for wine drinkers!