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Nine-Day Lead Nurture Plan

The Nine-Day Nurture Plan is an engagement strategy specifically designed to nurture your anonymous online contacts. Many leads don't include their phone number because we catch them so early in their search, they may not be ready to talk to an agent, but that means your window of opportunity is greater because you have the chance to engage and nurture them while they're in the online research phase, so when they are ready, they trust and choose YOU.

Download the Nine-Day Plan

Our research shows the buying and selling process, from initial research to closing, is a long process - about one year. The goal of the Nine-Day Plan is to humanize yourself and focus on building trust with these shy contacts early on, while your competitors are trying to sell something, so when they are ready to talk to an agent, they want to talk to you.

Getting Started

Here are a few steps to do before starting the Nine-Day Plan:

Create 2 contact groups:

  • Nine-Day Short: For contacts actively in days 1-9
  • Nine-Day Long: For contacts after day 9

When you receive a new lead with no phone number, add them to the 'short group' to make implementing the Nine-Day Plan simple and easy. Then, as contacts complete day 9, add them to the 'long' group so you can quickly and easily engage them with personal touches each month.

Each day, check these contacts to see if they've been on your website or responded to an email from you. If you see they've viewed a specific home, started looking in a different area, or emailed you, it's imperative you respond accordingly with relevant content. You can search contacts, and filter by the 'short' or 'long' group to see their last activity.

Review and customize each email, and add is into your system as a Quick Text template. Don't be afraid to change them up as you see fit - It's important your personality and tone shine through, so feel free to make each email your own!

 Click here to learn more about creating and editing Email Quick Text

Create a custom interval campaign with activities for each day, and add the 'short' group to this campaign to keep you on track. Then, as you add contacts to your 'short' group, they will automatically start at the beginning of the campaign, and you can go in and personalize each email to each contact.

Click here to learn how to create a custom interval campaign

Day 1 - Email

Send this email immediately after receiving a new lead. This ensures your new contact hears from you, even if the automated welcome email went into their junk or SPAM folder.

Subject: Thank you, come again

Day 3 - Email

Send this email on Day 3 with custom, local content from your Communities Served pages. This fresh and hyper-local content humanizes you, and allows you to establish your area expertise.

Subject: Do you like delicious food?

Day 4 - Activity

On Day 4, send recommended listings to your contact. This provides targeted, relevant content while driving them back to your website. When sending recommended listings, start from the contact record so their search criteria is automatically set, this way you can ensure you're sending the most relevant properties.

Click here to learn how to send MLS listings to your contacts

Day 5 - Email

Send an email prompting them to review and update their settings and contact information on your website. This is a soft way of asking for their phone number, but also drives them to your website and ensures they know how to update their information.

To get the link to take them to the correct page, take your Market Leader website URL, and add /mytools/ at the end (example:

Subject: Make your search better in 2 minutes

Day 7 - Email

On Day 7, send an email with either a link to the recommendations on your website, or highlighting a specific recommendation or testimonial. This not only illustrates your skills and service as a professional, but also helps humanize you. If you don't have any recommendations or testimonials, ask! See the Alternate Emails section for a winning email template you can use to ask past clients for a testimonial.

Subject: Hear what my clients are saying

Day 9 - Activity

If your contact hasn't responded by day 9, follow these steps to continue nurturing them:

  • Add a weekly or monthly listing alert OR send an email to confirm their alert criteria (see Alternate Emails section for a template)
  • Add them to the 'long' group
  • Send 1-2 personal emails to the 'long' group per month

(lightbulb)Best Practice: Use task reminders to keep your monthly communication on track. By setting a reminder, it ensures no one falls off your radar, and you can simply reset the due date after you complete the email.

Click here to learn more about how to setup and complete reminders

Alternate Emails

Ask for Testimonial

If you don't have any recommendations or testimonials, don't be afraid to ask! Customize and send this email out to your past clients and ask for their recommendation. Just remember to include a few thought-provoking questions for them to get the wheels turning.

Subject: How was your experience?

Confirm Alert Criteria

On Day 9, if your contact already has a listing alert setup, send this email to verify they are getting the most relevant properties. Remember, your contact may not know how or where to update this information, so leverage your exceptional service and offer to do it for them.

Subject: Are you getting what you need from me?

Viewed Property Several Times

If you notice a contact has saved or viewed a specific property a few times, strike while the iron is hot! Send an email asking if they'd like some additional information, or call the listing agent to get some 'behind the scenes' details on the home.

Subject: Hear what my clients are saying

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