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Lead Engagement 101 is a series of short videos aimed at helping you learn strategies and best practices for engaging new leads in your Market Leader system. Learn from Market Leader coaches, Jenn Tervo & Sheldon Rapoza, as they cover the essential tools, concepts, and strategies to engage your leads, keep them coming back, and convert them into clients.

Get to Know Pro

To get the most from our Lead Engagement 101 series, watch our Get to Know Pro video to learn about all the essential engagement tools in your Market Leader system.
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Leads and Phone Numbers 

Hear from Coach Sheldon Rapoza, as he breaks down how to engage leads with no phone numbers, and the importance of digital communication.
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Introduction to Online Leads

Learn about the nature today's online consumer, and how understanding their online behavior can help you maximize your engagement.
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Leads Direct Leads

Learn the essential steps, system tools, and winning strategies for engaging with new Leads Direct leads in your system.
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HouseValues.com Leads

Learn how to work with HouseValues leads in your system, and the strategies & tools to provide targeted, relevant content.
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Leads from Other Sources

Learn the strategy for engaging with leads from other sources in your system, including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com leads.
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