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What does a HouseValues.com lead experience before they are delivered to you? Having this context can be helpful in planning your follow up approach and ultimately converting the lead into a client.

It starts with a search

A person searches online to find the value of their property – What is my home worth?

They see an optimized ad for HouseValues.com

In the top search results, they click on an ad for HouseValues.com, and it takes them to the HouseValues.com homepage where they are prompted to enter their address:


After submitting their address, the lead provides their name, email, and property details on the next page. Property details are auto-filled by HouseValues based on the address they provided, but the lead can make edits. These fields are all required.

More Questions

Page 3 lets them know there are interested buyers and asks them for more details: Phone number, additional property features, relationship to the property, and selling timeframe. These fields are all optional.

Your Introduction

And finally, page 4 introduces the lead to you and your website. We educate them on the value of agent-generated CMAs and inform them that their automated valuation is being emailed to them.

We also inform them that the automated valuation is just that – automated. You, the professional real estate agent, are working on a full Comparative Market Analysis for their property, so they will have the most accurate valuation. This means the lead is expecting you to reach out to them and show your expertise - don’t disappoint them!

Automated Email 

An automated email is sent from you via HouseValues.com. The email contains the automated valuation of the lead’s home and lets them know that you will follow up with a CMA soon. This email also asks a few questions about their property, prompting them to respond so you can give them the most accurate valuation.

Note: you cannot edit the automated email. The email and the automated valuation are generated by HouseValues.com and are specially designed to drive a higher response rate.

Why do we send an automated valuation?

Remember, the lead came to housevalues.com to get a quick estimate of their home’s worth. Instead of just giving it to them on the site, we are sending it in an email that introduces you as the local expert in their area who can provide the most accurate estimate. We’re giving them what they came for and setting you up to swoop in and show your value.

Lead Delivery

Next up, the lead is delivered to your system. You get a Hand Raise alert stating that the lead has requested a CMA – time to follow-up!

When you click on the lead’s name, you will be taken to their detail page. You can find the automated email in their Activity Feed tab.

You can find the automated valuation in their Details tab. From there you can click the “Send CMA” button to begin compiling property info and comps for your CMA.

Next Steps – Send a CMA!

Don’t forget to follow up! Seriously, did you know only 40% of HouseValues.com leads receive agent follow-up? The lead requested information and is expecting to hear from you - don’t let them down! And more importantly, don’t let them go find another agent. You can send a CMA right from the system:

Listing Alert Created (Automatic) 

Next up, a listing alert is automatically created for your lead based on the address they entered. This means they will get regular emails with comparable listings that link back to your website.

You can find the system-generated listing alert in the “Alerts & Searches tab on the lead’s details page. Here you can see all sent listing alerts, edit the alert settingsand add or remove alerts. 

Added to New Lead Nurture Campaign (Automatic) 

Your new HouseValues lead is also automatically added to the “New Lead Nurture: HouseValues.com (Email)” campaign. This drip campaign is a series of plain text emails designed to look like they are coming directly from you. Each email asks basic follow-up questions about the lead’s preferences to prompt them to respond. This campaign has a 20% open rate! 

When the lead responds, they are automatically removed from the campaign, and you get a Hand Raise alert so you can personally follow-up with them. Make sure you follow up!  

You can adjust your campaign automation settings on the Manage Groups page of your CRM 

Added to Monthly Newsletter Campaign (Automatic) 

Your lead is also automatically added to your Monthly Newsletter campaignWe write this email newsletter for you every month, so your contacts get market updates and expert advice from you on a monthly basis. This newsletter does not require customization by you, but you are free to edit the content to better fit your local market or brand. 

You can adjust your campaign automation settings on the Manage Groups page of your CRM 

Stay in Touch

Follow-up with regular emails and add your lead to a drip campaign (try the Long Term Seller campaign or a seasonal/holiday campaign). Your lead may not be looking to sell right away, but that’s okay. By sending a timely CMA you’ve proven your value early, and if you stay in touch with regular emails, you can continue to show your local expertise and stay top of mind. That way when the time comes for them to sell, they know exactly who to call.

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