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Convert Contacts to Clients with InTouch

By now you should have a fully customized website. Now you can begin to use it to respond to leads with an automatic welcome email, add customized listing alerts, then engage them with a 'set it and forget it' drip email campaign.

Send your contacts selected listings

Send prospects information on listings that meet their criteria. Step-by-step instructions.

Engage your leads with automated listing alerts

Stay top-of-mind with your clients by automatically sending them timely information on listings. Step-by-step instructions.

Set up a campaign

An automated, scheduled drip campaign that can include emails, postcards and personal calls is a quick, easy, and effective way to engage your contacts and stay in touch. Step-by-step instructions.

Market yourself and your listings

Create beautiful postcards, e-cards, flyers and newsletters.  Step-by-step instructions.

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