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The referral network connects you with professional real estate brokerages nationwide. A contact might want to buy a property listed on your website and also indicate that they want to sell a house. If your brokerage serves the zip code for the sale, Market Leader marks the contact as a listing opportunity. If your brokerage does not serve the area of the sale, Market Leader automatically refers the contact to another brokerage within the network that serves the zip code of the sale. The system assigns referrals based on the zip codes you enter in Communities Served of the Website view.

Incoming Referrals

When a contact registers with another brokerage in the referral network, and wants to sell a home in your area, the contact appears on the Incoming Referral list. As soon as possible, review the terms. If you agree to the terms, assign an agent and accept the contact.

Manage Incoming Referrals

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click Referrals.
  3. To accept a referral,
    1. In the Actions column, click Accept.
    2. Review the terms of the referral.
    3. If you agree, click the I agree to the referral terms above check box.
    4. In the Assign to agent list, select an agent.
    5. Click the Accept Referral button.


  • If you do not agree to the terms, click Cancel.
  • The referrals agent list includes all active agents.

Outgoing Referrals

When a contact wants to sell a home outside of your area, the refers the contact to other real estate brokerages who serve that area. If that brokerage agrees to the terms and accepts the referral, they agree to pay you a referral commission if that lead closes.

To open the Outgoing Referrals page

  1. In the left navigation, click Referrals.
  2. Click the Outgoing Referrals tab.

The Outgoing Referrals page contains the following information for each referral.

  • Name
  • Agent
  • Property information
  • Date the contact signed up on the agent's website
  • Brokerage the contact was referred to
  • Date the brokerage accepted the referral

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